Week to Wheelin 2018 – 97 Jeep TJ | Day 4

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It’s Day 4 of our Week to Wheelin’ 4-Wheel & Off-Road TJ edition and the build crew of Jason Scudellari, Christian Arriero, and Christian Hazel are not only gelling as a team, but by now they’re getting a bit slap-happy and silly plowing through long hours of hard work. Building brake lines, adjusting suspension and steering linkages, and doing all the hard jobs that were required to finally get the Week to Wheeling TJ sitting on its own weight atop the new crate axles was a ton of work in the time allotted, but that doesn’t mean we’re not having a ton of fun. We wrapped with a Bushwacker Flat Fender Flare installation before the building had to be evacuated for a bomb threat. Check out all the silly action and be sure to tune in to Day 5 where we put the wraps on this project!

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